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I'm a Browncoat-wearing Trekkie with a soft spot for Evil Willow and a thing for mad men with blue boxes.

Attempt #380. Testing a Bagel’s Resolve.

Good evening! Hi. I’m Bagel. This is me, attempting yet again to convince myself that I need to do something regularly and actively to engage with the internet in general. Perhaps even with you. And most especially, with myself. I’ve … Continue reading

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Bagels’n’Bits. Episode 1.

(I originally wrote the first 6 episodes of Bagels’n’Bits in 2008. I’m just copy/pasting here, planning on new content soon. Any “current” info is going to be horrifically out of date. For instance… I was in school for massage therapy … Continue reading

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Do it for you.

Yesterday sucked. Nothing like a couple of bombs and everyone’s photos of a horrific scene to ruin your day. My prayers go out to everyone involved, hurt, worried, sick, and even those who just, like me, felt a little emptier … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Miss Crafty Fingers:
I joined a swap on brooch swap on ravelry and has been trying my hands on making a knitted flower. This is my first knitted pattern! ๐Ÿ˜€ Materials DK weight yarn 3.5mm needles (straight…

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Testing. Testing. Eins. Zwei. Drei.

Oh, great. Another excuse to babble, in written form.  Current mental thoughts?  Why does L from Death Note look like heโ€™s already dead? and why does Kira have to be kind of a jerk? Nope. new thought. Why does my … Continue reading

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